Sumerslam 2016 Orton Vs Lesnar “UPDATE”

Well last nights Sumerslam was eventful to say the least!

Where to start……. Brock Lesnar? ok



The guys an animal with very little wrestling skill. This isn’t new news to anyone and nether is the well known fact he makes mistakes in the ring. But last night he was in the main event of the night against Randy Orton. The match was going as you expect for a normal Lesnar match, Suplex city and all that jazz.

Orton was down from a spell of offence from Lesnar. Lesnar then removes his MMA gloves and started hitting Orton with punches and elbows that appeared to legitimately open Orton’s head up with blood pouring onto the ring.


The ref gets the ringside medic to come treat Orton, Lesnar stops hitting him and go’s to the corner of the ring. Paul Hayman speaks to Lesnar while Orton is being treated. Then Lesnar decides to attack again. this time you can see the punches missing.

The match is finally stopped with Lesnar giving the win through TKO. Lesnar then attacks Orton again with the punches missing again.

Shane O Mac heads to the ring to tell Lesnar the match is over and to head backstage. Lesnar just looking at him not moving. Shane then says “its done head back”, lesnar doesn’t move. Shane then tells him “your done, get out of here”. Lesnar hearing this picks shane up and gives him a F5. Lesnar leaves with crowd booing him.

After watching this last night I can’t help but think I’m seeing history repeat it’s self. What I mean is the way Bret Harts career was ended by another under skilled wrestler “Bill Goldberg”.

I really hope this was part of the show. If not should WWE take action against Lesnar for last night?

Watch this space.


Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho were reportedly involved in a backstage alteration at WWE SummerSlam following the controversial TKO finish to Lesnar’s match against Randy Orton.

According to a report from (h/t WrestlingInc)

“Lesnar reportedly pushed Jericho with his fingers. Jericho then did what was described as the “Rousey-Tate” forehead press. Another version of the story said Jericho shoved Lesnar into the wall. The two were then tangled up against the wall when Lesnar told Jericho to either punch him or kiss him. Triple H then jumped in and broke things up. The two went at it again but this time Vince McMahon broke it up. Jericho was then yelling about Lesnar and Vince told him that everything was a work, and to be professional.

Triple H reportedly told Vince that Lesnar started the fight, and that Jericho was just standing up for himself. No more words were exchanged but Jericho saw Orton’s condition and got mad. It was noted that Jericho was concerned with Orton’s health and safety, but Orton assured him that he knew what was going to happen.”


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