Why DC Are Killing It At The Moment

The Detective Comics Extended Universe is in full flow now. But at this moment in time Mid August they’re killing and here’s why.

The Suicide Squad Movie

Suicide-Squad-Movie-Cast-LogoSuicide Squad the movie has been the top movie in the world now for three weeks. It has passed the half a billion mark in ticket sales and the Suicide Squad soundtrack has been the number one album on the Billboard 200 chart for two weeks. The movie has beating records left, right and centre.


DC Comics Rebirth


In May 2016 DC Comics released DC Rebirth #1 with all the individual superheroes Issue one Rebirths to follow. The comics have been a huge success and dominated the comic charts since May.


Batman V Superman: The Ultimate Edition

Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice [Ultimate Edition] cover

The Batman V Superman: The Ultimate Edition was released four weeks ago. Since then it has been the top selling DVD/ Blu-Ray in the world.


The Killing Joke: The Animated Movie


The Killing Joke: The Animated Movie has smashed records for a Superhero Animated movie, It was released world wide in selected cinemas for only two nights, it manage to gross three million plus in the that short time. Then two weeks ago it was released on DVD/ Blu-Ray where it has only been beating my Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition. So it’s been sitting at the number two spot since release. Also for a few weeks The Killing Joker graphic novel returned to the number one spot in the New York Bestdsellers list.





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